XFM is a British commercial radio station owned by Global. It focuses on alternative music, with an emphasis on indie rock. Founded in 1989 as a pirate radio station, it became a London-wide licensed station in 1997. In 2015 it was awarded a national license.

During the 90s, XFM was the leading radio station for the Britpop movement. Then, in 1998, it was sold to Capital Radio. Despite the change, it continued to play mainstream indie music. However, it was relaunched as an overtly commercial competitor to Virgin Radio. Since then, the station has been known by the Galaxy brand. This brand is now run by Richard Park, who was once a director at Virgin Radio. He has been appointed Global"s director of broadcasting.

XFM is available to listen to online, and it is also on DAB, HD Radio, and FM. If you want to get a taste of what it is like to listen to XFM, you can try it for free. There are official apps, as well as live streams. All of these options are available on the XFM website.

XFM"s website has a lot of information, including a directory listing that shows audience figures. It lists contact information, as well. You can also look up the name of your favorite artists. For example, you can find out who"s performing tonight on XFM. Even if you"re not interested in listening to a specific artist, you can learn more about their career. Some popular artists include The Killers, who are one of the most important bands in the past 10 years. They released the best album of all time with Mr Brightside.

On the XFM website, you can also read about a documentary about the radio station. The film, Kick Out the Jams, was produced by Ian Jefferies and Ray Burdis and follows the development of XFM.

XFM is also a great source of information for learning more about alternative music. It is one of the few UK-based online radio stations that focuses exclusively on the genre. XFM was a pioneer of this genre and launched it as a platform for launching up-and-coming talent into the mainstream. Aside from streaming radio, you can also listen to a variety of playlists, which are categorized by genre.

XFM"s music collection is one of the largest in the world. Whether you are looking for classic rock or hip hop, you"ll be sure to find what you"re looking for on XFM. Plus, you can also catch up on the latest news with the XFM e-newsletter. So, whether you want to be updated on the latest news or you are looking for the hottest new albums, XFM has what you need.

You can even build your own XFM-related applications by using the API. Once you"ve created your own application, you can use Bentley Map to create feature instances. These instances can be stored in a graphical element, which can be accessed by the XFM-DGN and XFM-RDBMS business properties.