If you re considering buying a forex trade scanner, you have a lot of options. The first one is UOP FX, an app that offers forex signals to customers. After a master trader makes a recommendation, you enter the details into your trading platform. This app is available for free on Android and is part of the Business category. The developer is Unit of Prosperity LLC, and you can download it on Google Play or iTunes.

A good forex screener will allow you to monitor multiple currency pairs at one time. Most screeners will display the current exchange rate, high and low, change, and a buy or sell recommendation. Many screeners offer advanced technical indicators and the option to customize their parameters. Whether you choose a manual or automatic forex trade scanner, you ll want to be familiar with the software s technical indicators and the trading environment.

Besides functionality, the best automated forex trade scanner will also offer good customer support and technical support. Having access to a reliable customer support is important, as scams are common in this industry. Before you purchase an automated forex trade scanner, however, do some due diligence on the firm that sells it. You can also check the CFTC s consumer alerts and the National Futures Association s database of registered member firms.